Tampa Electric Company

TECO’s Big Bend Unit 4

702 North Franklin Street

Tampa, Florida 33602


Challenge:  Unit 4 at TECO’s Big Bend Station due to its age was in need of a partial rebuild to meet its emission compliance requirements.  The two precipitators in a vertical arrangement made for a challenging demolition and installation effort during the constraints of a limited outage.


Southern Environmental’s Solution:

SEI provided a design, supply and install solution to upgrade the first two of a five fields in a dual chamber system.  The upgraded fields included SEI’s S3 – Synergy Design plus new electromagnetic rappers, access doors and key interlock system.  Maintenance services were applied to fields three, four and five which included a major overhaul of the tumbling hammer system.

Project Duration:

· PO Received: July 5, 2013

· Materials delivered: February 28 2014

· Start-up: May 15, 2014


Detailed Engineering in the following disciplines:

· Structural

· Mechanical

· Electrical


Fabrication and Erection Services:

· ESP Fabrication and Installation

· Access Fabrication and Installation

· Field Technical Support and Start Up


Guaranteed Outlet PM Emissions:

When tested after project completion the two field upgrade with SEI’s S3 Synergy design improved the ESP’s performance 64% to achieve a tested level of .008 lb/mmBtu.


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