Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership

Prince George Mill

2789 Pulp Mill Road

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada


Challenge: Existing wood waste boiler had only a mechanical collector, which was inadequate to meet new emission standards.


Southern Environmental's Solution: SEI provided a new state-of-the-art ESP utilizing SEI's S3 Synergy ESP Technology which included the SEI/ELEX Rigid Discharge Electrodes, PowerPlus Switch-more technology and wide CE spacing.



Project Duration:

P.O. Received 4/26/2011

Materials delivered to site by 5/15/12

Start-up scheduled for 11/15/13


Detailed Engineering in the following disciplines:




Model Study


Fabrication and Erection Services:

ESP Fabrication

Field Technical Support

Scope of Work:


SEI provided detailed engineering, material supply, fabrication, construction management and 1/12 physical model study, inlet flange to stack, and slide plates to weather enclosure.  The ESP is a single chamber, 3 mechanical fields and six electrical fields in direction of gas flow.



Guaranteed Outlet Emissions:  0.0218 grains/dscf


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